This site is run by and for the {PROJ} Community, used to develop the {PROJ} specifications, and track the status of {PROJ} implementation and use.

This site, its legal policies, graphics, templates, and framework contents were derived from the http://spec.digistan.org template developed by the Digital Standards Organization (Digistan), which aims to promote grass-roots standardization projects, by providing reusable patterns and tools. If you want help on a standardization project, contact gro.natsigid|ksed#gro.natsigid|ksed.

The site is powered and hosted by Wikidot.com, an open source platform for collaborative wikis. Using Wikidot makes it possible to build the right structures quickly.

The goals of this site are social, and technical. The social goals are:

  1. To build an expert community around {PROJ}
  2. To produce small, cheap, provable pieces of work
  3. To offer a visible, rapid, and economic process
  4. To allow anyone to walk-up and contribute

And the technical goals are:

  1. To provide a space for stability
  2. To provide a space for experimentation
  3. To grow free and open specifications
  4. To allow these to become formal standards

Every contributor is responsible for his or her work. You can contact the operators of the site via the mailing list.